games will be held in Shandong, winning the people enthusiastic response, in order to let the National Games in Tianjin successfully held the day before, the traffic control department of Tianjin once again deployed to increase illegal for non motor vehicles and pedestrians, motor tricycle on the road illegal, illegal parking of motor vehicles, Jinming District, honking drunk driving, random change lanes and other traffic violations governance strength.

traffic control department decided to create 100 civilized traffic model intersection in the city, to strengthen the isolation facilities across the road, pedestrian crosswalk, running signal and non motor vehicle motor vehicle, reverse driving, running and other illegal behavior control signal.

organize a week of the city’s non motor vehicles, pedestrian illegal special rectification actions. The investigation to adjust the traffic signal timing, adding non isolation barrier transportation facilities, traffic to provide corresponding guarantee for pedestrians and non motorized traffic safety.

second, increase the motor tricycle illegal road, scrap vehicles (zombies) for road parking, large trucks and vehicles in Jinming District illegal sounding and random variable, and drunk driving and other illegal acts of the larger public response intensity, no time node to carry out daily inspection, inspection, night zero action special rectification action to do, see violations must be corrected, Jiuwei shall be punished, must be strict, the formation of long-term high pressure rectification strict control thorough investigation situation, the traffic participants develop consciously abide by the law, law-abiding consciousness.

if the vehicle is not parked in accordance with the rules, the relevant departments of Tianjin will be punished for illegal parking owners. Outside the ring within 151 trunk roads as the focus, improve the yellow line, no parking pedestrian red line, car column, non isolation barrier, vehicle isolation barrier and intersection of guiding lane line and other transportation facilities, and strictly regulate parking order, scrap vehicles illegally parked vehicles timely according to law qingtuo and long for road illegally parked.

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