every day to hear the slogan of innovation and entrepreneurship, although there is a very good publicity, you can inspire more entrepreneurial passion. Since the slogan shouted out, but also need to make effective. Wuqing Tianjin employment and entrepreneurship work has achieved practical results.

at the same time, the training work and promote the organization of training, 5915 people, 24.6% of the annual task. Through training to achieve 2366 jobs, skills training employment rate of 40%. Entrepreneurship training 280 people, issued a small secured loans of $7 million 100 thousand to support the business of the 820.

vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurship is very necessary, more publicity is also in order to better implement the management policy, but the effect is seen people vigorously selection, employment and entrepreneurship as the Wuqing region has been effective, what people want to see results.



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