a good restaurant, there must be a good waiter. If you are the boss, found the shop attendant is stiff, I thought, if my employees can like sea fishing is good enough to the waiter, clever, the eyes of a good job. Then you will have a sense of helplessness in mind, familiar with the 1234 once again familiar floating:

1, the cost is now increasingly high, two thousand and five hundred a month can not find a good ".

2, the waiter turnover rate is too high, just familiar with the point of business to leave, do not last long, so always new, affecting business ah.

3, these young people (waiters) can not eat bitter, think about our time…… (here omit 500 words have the green bitter years of hard work…… ).

4, these young people (waiter) bad management, bad communication, do not understand what they are thinking.



What is the theme of my

?What is the category I

?How much is the price of per capita

? What grade?

my target customers what are


> so.