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restaurant Naxi noodle, public reputation brand meal from the door, from waiting to meal. Every step, we know we are carefully considered, regardless of how to do, can not we simplify all Tastes differ all tastes. steps can be simplified to wait two minutes fast food to dry, irresistible delicious. Aristocratic life.

how about Naxi?

Weifang Noodle Casserole stores

the bridge noodle business to join the Naxi noodle line, noodle soup combines the characteristics of different flavors, create Chinese nutrition to noodle based fast food restaurant. Not only in the form of consumers to break the traditional impression of the rice noodle shop, but also conquered the taste of the public. So make the noodles fresh and delicious, refreshing and smooth features by customers, is one of the best noodle brand in the industry.

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