Xiamen as China’s coastal city, in the development of aquatic products has a unique geographical advantage, not only to develop aquaculture and to ensure quality. In order to further enrich people’s "vegetable basket", Xiamen is to build aquatic products wholesale market of aquatic products to the farmers market, as the circulation of aquatic products market network covering both urban and rural areas, and rely on mature fishery base and advantage of geographical location, the city is also seeking to create a wholesale distribution center for aquatic products of influence at home and abroad the.

with the continuous expansion of the scale of the city’s aquatic products trading, for the public to close the safety of the tongue, from the source to protect the quality and safety of aquatic products, has become an important task of the city’s regulatory authorities. In recent years, the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau on aquatic products wholesale market management department and the Municipal Institute of Oceanography and fisheries, strictly control the quality of our city circulation of aquatic products, through market regulation and laboratory monitoring of "two pronged" to ensure public safety table.

strengthen the supervision of market circulation source

before entering the retail market, aquatic products breeding and wholesale are part of the quality and safety supervision. In Xiamen, the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau of the supervision of the "big head" is at the wholesale level, and in fact, in Xiamen, more than 80% of the products are from the water in the Po aquatic products wholesale market. The reporter learned from the Department of marine and fishery, aquaculture market trading volume in Pu year is about 300 thousand tons, of which fresh trading volume of about 200 thousand tons, in addition to about 80 thousand tons of fresh ice trading. This also means that the key source of aquatic products supervision in Pu market, aquatic product safety and market supervision responsibilities go to the city of aquatic products wholesale market management department.

in the Po market, 365 days a year, all enter the market of aquatic products every day to go all the way "". The first hurdle is to provide proof of origin, the purpose of doing so is to achieve traceability. In the detection of substandard products, in addition to prohibit the circulation, aquatic products wholesale market management will require the operator to immediately change the origin of goods, also is to avoid other batches of aquatic products has the same problem again into the Xiamen wholesale market, some large business is built into the sales ledger registration, aquatic products wholesale market management the relevant responsible person said, "this is in order to achieve the flow can be found, the responsibility can be held, and on the basis of the results."

in recent years, aquatic products wholesale market management is through the improvement of the regulatory system, to promote the access mechanism of certificate of origin and Po in the market at the same time, intensive implementation of various monitoring and sampling, to ensure water products Zero into the Xiamen market.

allowed to enter the market of aquatic products in the Po, soon after two road test. The first thing to do is fast detection. Testing personnel in the market random collection of recommended