at present, many banks have launched individual small business financing business, the operator at the start, can often play the role of timely assistance. However, due to the threshold for the application of loans is too high, resulting in the current market demand for large loans, the applicant more, but the money was very few people.

10 people apply for only 1 people received

20 million yuan started clothing wholesale boss Zhang, liquidity has been tense, fortunately he was in the bank to apply for 500 thousand yuan to help the industry loans. With the help of this money, business has been rapid development, within two years, the average annual operating income of 5 million yuan, with an average annual net profit of $800 thousand. Although there are a number of successful cases, such as Mr. Zhang, but did not successfully apply for loans to help the industry is most. The reporter on the 3 launch of similar personal business loans to banks, banks have said that business loan market is very large, for a lot of people, but because of the bank’s approval for more strict control, so fewer people get money. "Ten people apply, can have a person to succeed even if is very good." A joint-stock commercial bank insiders said frankly.

apply to over three off

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