now you do not work, you want to start your own business, the small business can also be a wonderful life, such a way can be tried! Small business, but also through the mainland of Rome! Generally speaking, entrepreneurs need a certain number of start-up capital and place, therefore, many entrepreneurs often start to be intimidated by these conditions. But in fact, as long as can choose entrepreneurial projects, a good grasp of business methods, with entrepreneurs should have the mentality, not greedy big ocean, can still succeed business with a small capital. For example, 50 thousand yuan want to be a successful entrepreneur, we must first find out what industry investment is less than 50 thousand yuan, to the industry characteristics, the conditions and the conditions of their own have a thorough understanding of this business in order to have a relatively high success rate. There are four types of entrepreneurs to choose from.

type: entrepreneurial


for vendors, many people will not unfamiliar. This business model will usually appear in the crowd gathered, such as the night market, scenic spots, stations, etc.. But need to be reminded that this must be approved by the relevant departments.

for this business model, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of service, because the entrepreneur is difficult to control the quality of the goods, relatively speaking, the quality of service is important to many. Because only the value added services are promoted to attract new