many franchisees see jewelry industry unlimited business opportunities, have invested in the cause of. Now, more and more open jewelry shop, but the real business is booming that a few, want to make your jewelry shop business is booming, but also need to develop a reasonable business methods.


Second, commodity structure adjustment Mu beauty fashion jewelry; suppose you a day of turnover is 1000 yuan, ten yuan if you sell goods to sell 100 pieces, there are so many customers in your shop every day? If you are selling 100 yuan of goods only   ten pieces can reach 1000 yuan turnover! According to customer needs what kind of goods we sell what kind of goods! Customer demand and consumption capacity of each region is different, you have to be rationed according to the actual situation; it is certainly need some sales experience accumulated, Mu beauty fashion jewelry business after a period of time you can put the customer classification, these need you tired and analysis in actual operation.

Third, Mu beauty fashion accessories. Pay attention to the latest information; now is the information society, various channels of information as long as you want it can be found; the latest fashion magazine out what new fashion accessories, now hit TV series   in the actress with what fashion accessories you are going to understand, and can quickly find the source put it in your container, together with the appropriate publicity, you also worry that no customer shop turnover do not go up?


Fourth, Mu beauty fashion jewelry customer service service; we generally in the pre-sale, sale of attitude will be very good, if you give her for a long time do not buy it off, will scold behind the time; you want to run a successful long-term fashion jewelry store, it is necessary to overcome this weakness of human nature if the customer buys off; fashion accessories   quality problems or do not want to change the love, the attitude to the time than to buy her attitude but also good, timely treatment so that customers are satisfied; remember the 80/20 rule, 80% of your business from 20%.