is now in the social life, the real estate industry development, at the same time, also led to the development of some enterprises, especially in the sanitary ware market opportunities, all-round development in the bathroom industry today, how to bathroom market prospects?

Chinese with the rapid rise of economic strength, the hardware industry is gradually strong. For the future development of bathroom hardware industry, the international market of China’s hardware industry product requirements will gradually change, will have higher requirements for Chinese product quality, packaging, delivery period, and gradually extended to the R & D and production processes and products, products and environmental protection, energy resources and humanistic environment combined.

A, the brand channel competition. At present, the domestic hardware industry is more and more demanding, and the quality of the products is increasing. The sales channel has become one of the key competitive factors. On the one hand, electric kitchen manufacturers to strengthen the control of the retail terminal, and strive to reduce the marketing chain, save the cost of sales, sales channels to make the hardware industry specialization, enterprise sales model can adapt to diverse towards the direction of market development. On the other hand, the development trend of the industry sales of large home appliances chain stores rising status of hardware retailer with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantage in product pricing and payment settlement etc. the control capability of the production enterprises will be increasing.

two, the hardware industry market competition for quality and technology competition. With the deepening of competition, the profit margins of the hardware industry chain in various stages are compressed, reducing the price of space. More and more hardware companies recognize that the price competition alone can not build the core competitiveness, not the direction of long-term development, and strive to explore new development path.   industry experts Luo Baihui said, hardware enterprises should increase technology investment, the development of new high technology products, product differentiation as a long-term development of enterprises. To seek new market demand, the establishment of new economic growth points (such as small household electrical appliances and other similar industries), in order to achieve sustainable development of the hardware industry.

many hardware companies in order to improve its strength, expand the international market will accelerate faster through various means and foreign hardware industry enterprise integration to improve the quality of products and improve the competitiveness. In the United States, Japan and other countries continue to expand the traditional market, while in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa, etc. will be fully flowering.

three, high cost, environmental protection etc. have become the focus of consumer purchase reference. For the future development of the hardware bathroom industry, entrepreneurs invariably lock health and environmental protection, simple personality, the function of the principle of consumption for the first time, and the comfort of the new enjoyment of hardware bathroom is also highly respected. Many other new hardware sanitary ware products have begun to market, multifunctional washbasin, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinet and style more in line with the aesthetic of the toilet, becomes the consumer hot pursuit.