now numerous businesses in order to be able to sell the goods out, no need to their very, what are deceived, leading to a lot of customers cheated. Do business, I am afraid that can only do a business, want to become a long-term partner, unlikely. So, if you say something big in the business when the truth is more able to impress customers, and then get the customer’s affirmation, so that customers can become repeat customers.

one day not long ago, when I was walking down the street, I saw a shopping mall doing a sheet promotion. Salesperson said to the customer: "the style of these sheets are out of date, the quality is not the best, you can look at, feel the right to buy……" I did not expect her words just finished, the customer will be competing to buy up. Originally only want to join the fun I was touched by the sincerity of the salesperson, quality plus sheets can also, I readily bought two sheets.

so I think of something else. Once, I went to a supermarket to buy some small bags of food. When I look at a small food and ready to buy some more, one side of the salesperson reminded me: "eldest brother, the food you have eaten before? If you have not eaten before, and it is the first time to buy, it is best not to buy too much at a time, it is better to buy a little less than a taste, delicious, then buy more." I think what she said is very reasonable. Go home after a taste, not very palatable, so glad that they listened to the salesperson’s advice, no waste. Although this is a trivial matter, but I was the salesman for the sake of the sincerity of the customer moved, always buy the first choice when the supermarket.

compared to the individual businesses in the marketing process is the lack of such sincerity. They are not blindly boasting its own goods, is to do everything possible to encouraged customers to buy some more self Jieduan and advised customers less rare buyers.

talk about the big truth is likely to make this transaction no way to form, but in the hearts of customers left a very good impression for future cooperation will help. The operator for the truth, put yourself in for the sake of customers, customers have no reason not to be borne in mind. Those eager eyes, bent into money business, will be in their own words and deeds will rush out of the customer! Business description of the advantages and disadvantages of the goods, not only easy to allow customers to accept, easy for customers to choose, but also to be sincere and moving, to better achieve the purpose of promotion. At the same time, the old customers will bring new customers, so it will form a virtuous cycle, the business bigger and quicker.