song song "80" selling newspapers bring infinite childhood memories, selling newspapers can also accumulate capital, and ultimately build their own business empire, Liu Hailing with their own personal experience tells us, regardless of the level of entrepreneurial start.

higgling newsie, is a lot of people are bothered to do. But a female college student was willing to start a newspaper vendor. Now, her assets have reached about 1000000 yuan, with 2 units of newspaper distribution vehicles, 15 kiosks, a newspaper wholesale stores, employs 33 people.

5 years ago, with a bachelor’s degree in computer professional diploma and four grade English certificate, Shicai pride Liu Haiyan aspiring, ready to find a talent in the society stage, a career with vigour and vitality. However, a few candidates down, repeatedly rebuffed Liu Haiyan for his choice in the post standard lower, by non institutions first or foreign-funded enterprises has been reduced to nothing, Qu sales, shopping guide…… Finally, she applied to an individual print shop work, has become a veritable working sister.

back home, Liu Haiyan grew more and more angry, timid, she put a washbasin in the house as a vent, kick out. Flying out of the basin just hit in the area to deliver the newspaper on the postman. The postman ran upstairs to ablaze with anger for his crimes, can push open the door, see Liu Haiyan was in tears, sat beside her question. In the big sister, like the delivery of questioning, Liu Haiyan can not help but say their jobs after graduating from college all kinds of difficulties.

the sister heard, then teach her: "little sister, don’t work not liking despair, as long as you have confidence and patience, will find a good job. You see my sister, was graduated from the University, in the factory before the collapse of a cadre, now laid off, no despair, Yuantian sorrow, and sent to the newspaper, although the monthly income of only 300 yuan of money, can have a very busy life."

and other couriers is different, Liu Haiyan deeply understand the truth Friendliness is conducive to business success. while she is a newspaper, a newspaper, but she saw a child fell will help an unknown road, the child to cry so far, met on the recommendation