now many companies are aware of the broad nature of community business development, but also to invest. However, there are many difficulties in the operation of the enterprise itself, not to mention the difficulties existing in the commercial operation of the community. After all, if there are a lot of problems can be overcome outside, we say the biggest problem in community business, there may still be many business community business logic is not ready!

1, cognitive not deep

whether it is science, art, or Kung Fu, retail business to further "know", three years of apprenticeship. The business community business, want to know, know, know customer goods operation also store more concentrated than simple, non simple modular. Fresh Music City Legend "success", study, research, testing and preparation have a lot of hard work, easy and EXPRESS there is a Carrefour Tesco European format operating precedent, and many of our enterprises, is dependent on the first 20 preparatory concentrated + select the existing management system of the structural concept, put it in, but hasty after the opening of a horse, and I do not know how to adjust!

is a fresh problem.

a lot of enterprise community stores will define the definition of fresh +, which is dominated by food, raw food and ready to eat two kinds are need further. Respect the quality of fresh care essence, fresh in the community store configuration site (shorthanded) face care and uniform distribution (no freshness) dilemma; in addition, customer purchase and category boundaries, kitchen needs food, meat, fish, rice, egg, convenience has become false convenience to finally solve the debris supplement purchase, store and community guest people more useless.

The research also needs

project site around the lack of small food, pastry, bread will have a strong demand, but also involves the management ability, I’m afraid that people still associate the community to keep a store in the community, so fresh, we see a lot of the ailing performance, but in reality is just before a shop location the problem, and do community fresh is not a simple problem!

two is the selection of the problem.

Music City Wang proposed to the difference, but not excessive difference "and" core goods to be thick, differentiated goods to the foot "," take into account "series, provides guidelines for the selection of excellent community store, to achieve this effect, in fact almost have a taste the selection button! Otherwise, it is easy to fall into a simple enrichment, layers of downward movement of the business model, the procurement will help you do very scientific, but that is where there is a problem!

and I think, the selection of the core, or to the customer community lifestyle profound understanding, good judgment and accurate customer purchase channels to buy the cognitive boundary, subsequent to iteration, it is crucial to improve sales!