it is understood that a lot of people in rural areas do not want to live a hard life, they want to start a business to achieve the turning point of life. You know, if you really want to succeed, then you have to choose the project, which is essential. What projects do you choose to start in the countryside? Once the project is wrong, the consequences are unimaginable. For investment projects, the following introduction, we are now a good understanding of the next bar!

, a breakfast, leisure drinks and other food and beverage industry: hunger breeds discontentment, 1 billion 400 million Chinese "one day does not eat hungry, so the popular business catering industry is still optimistic about the industry in 2009. Other restaurants because the investment threshold is low, the explosive force is very strong, has also been greatly welcomed by entrepreneurs. Food and beverage industry expert analysis, at this stage to do more profitable potential food items, it is undoubtedly a breakfast shop, casual drinks shop and Chinese style snack bar. Breakfast shop and leisure liquor stores have the low Fung, the advantages of quick recovery, the average investment cost 2-10 million in average net profit of 25%-35%, the general 6-9 months to recover the investment, so many entrepreneurs should be considered first choice.

two, diversified services City convenience store: with the steady development of China economy and the accelerated pace of life, the diversification of services in China Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and a few other developed city in the convenience store industry has developed rapidly, and even some convenience store, the turnover has reached million yuan. But throughout China’s convenience store industry, is still only in the take-off stage. There are indications that a wide range of services convenience stores will be the focus of the next phase of China’s retail development in most areas. At present, China’s population of more than 5 million of the first tier cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and the second tier cities of Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, GDP per capita has exceeded $3000. That is to say, the city has a large-scale development of the convenience store environment, and the market space is very large.

three, infant supplies industry: infant supplies market in the end how much? According to statistics released by the announcement of the fifth census, China annually, 16 million newborn infants, 0 infants aged 3 to about 69 million, the city of 0 — more than 10 million number of infants at the age of 3, the total population is equivalent to australia. At present, the starting point of investment in domestic brands of infant supplies stores has been higher, generally about 15-25 million. However, due to the brand management is the form of the product quality can be strictly guaranteed, and more lucrative. But entrepreneurs must pay attention to: product price high brand infant supplies store, vulnerable to regional restrictions on the level of consumption, so in the site should be especially careful, the general should in the vicinity of high-grade or mature community.

four, early childhood education industry: more than half of the city Chinese family, the children spent a month accounted for more than 20% of total family income, 44% of households per month for the cost of raising their children in 500 recommended