do not want a person alone in the business market struggle, many entrepreneurs have chosen the franchise brand as the entrepreneurial patron, after choosing the suitable brand to do is store location, location has the skill, must grasp.

to join the shop is a way of investment banking nowadays very popular. Indeed, their own shop when the boss, if the operating conditions are ideal, not only can make your property to be effective in maintaining value, but also to get a sense of accomplishment in psychology.

1. grasp " passenger flow " is " money flow " principle

in heavy traffic, shop bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. Because the crowd is The stream never stops flowing. potential source, as long as you are selling goods or services to meet the needs of the consumers, will have a good performance.

2. note for

systemSelection and business content

The second step:

for further investigation

in the preliminary selected shop location, should be comprehensively investigated further, do some investigation and analysis of the situation, in order to decide whether to end on this point. The main aspects of the following aspects:

1. store itself

2. landlord background

3. interbank competition

third step: take the fancy store

as soon as possible

once found the ideal store, to make a prompt decision as soon as possible, shot fast, take the fancy of the shop, otherwise there is a Undue delay may bring trouble.. "