what would you like, chicken or beef? There are no taboos what?" Jin Meijiao was quickly recorded in the order book, while skillfully and repeat their greeting. Beijing in the land of Lama Temple in a small alleyway of a 16 square meter facade, Beijing Institute of Technology senior, 22 year old Liaoning girl Jin Meijiao and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication senior, 23 year old Li Jianfeng Xinjiang guy guarding their pioneering work, a Fried rice noodles shop. Two and a half table, a small kitchen, two young and ignorant young people in the outside world that opened their gold road.

"make a bowl of authentic and special Xinjiang Fried rice noodles, the idea is simple and crude. We have a good home in Xinjiang is not easy to get a good recipe, the results after the test found that the taste is not what we imagined." The United States Johnson told reporters, in order to find the taste of want, two people went to the wholesale market to buy back 30 kinds of spices, day and night to deploy for 34 days, finally out of the decent taste. The sauce is one of the most important seasoning for Fried rice noodles. "Now the pot is too small, each time only 80 copies of the material, basic every two days to fry once." Li Jianfeng told reporters.

2014 at the end of the two rented this only 16 square meters of shops. Released from the first bowl of "Rice noodles Alpha edition", and later "Rice noodles Beta1.0 edition", and "Rice noodles 3 edition", "pepper chicken 2 edition" and so on, although two people Rice noodles have gained many diners affirmation, but two people every day or on their own products repeatedly taste, escalating.

"product is the most important" is a total of two people from the start > start a