joined the agency underwear promotions has a variety of, can full cut, can send gifts, in short, you need to store the actual situation to find suitable investment opportunities. Xiao Bian finishing some business experience, I hope you can help, and quickly learn it, so you can easily do investment business.

1. a lot of business personnel to promote the good gifts very welcome, as a gift is better than no gifts for the better, and secondly, to the business gifts waterside pavilion, love for himself. In general, however, discount promotions are better than gift promotions.

The main reason of

2. a lot of "free gifts" promotional gifts is a failure, too bad, bad gifts with deep lethality of sales. When the purchase of gifts is not attractive, poor quality, but will make the consumers to purchase the products beat a retreat. Especially if the consumer has a bad impression on the same kind of gifts, will inevitably lead to the decline in sales results.

3. even with good gifts, but if there is no eye-catching publicity, nor may arouse consumers want to have gifts of desire, so that the free gifts cost is not low.

4. gift promotion, if no one is responsible for the gift, it is difficult to grasp its reasonable gift. Or businesses do not want to cooperate with the promotional effect is equally difficult to do.

There are a lot of

underwear joining agent promotion techniques, one of which is a gift. For gifts to choose from, franchisees need to spend their minds, because if the gift is not attractive, promotions can not get good results, then for franchisees, is a relatively bad thing. Have you learned any of the above?

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