partnership venture partner is very important. Some people are very good as good friends, but as partners may be fatal mistakes. The protagonist here — Wang Feiwen is feeling. Following a small series together to see his entrepreneurial story!

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all reliable business? The answer is obviously negative.

the small defeat hero Wang Feiwen, from the mountains to the impassioned sail, closed feel lost, in just 400 days (the actual operation of the company for less than a year). It seems a little "come suddenly, go too fast".


The following is Wang Feiwen oral:

I is Hongkong nationality, but grew up in mainland China grew up. I have had some entrepreneurial experience before I did the best of all.

the closed shop left a lot of inventory, so I want to get to the Internet to sell inventory, registered a Taobao shop, a station named underwear. The operation of the shop is very good, the annual running water in about 2000000, the best time to reach 2 million 500 thousand.