college students entrepreneurship has become a trend of the times, you are a college student? Do you want to join the project to create their own achievements? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a college students on the road of entrepreneurship, to see how she will be their dream into reality, small series for you to answer one by one.

when reading Wang Li of the University have a better understanding of the franchise industry, as long as the choice is proper, the first step will be to start their own businesses is a very big help, because it is provided by the company proprietary technology and products, both for the inexperienced college students or for other people have no experience, no doubt is the best choice, clear objectives, Wang Li’s heart will feel click into place, successful, very excited! But the problem also comes, how should she choose the industry? In this way, just excited for a while Wang Li began another round of choice.

in order not to be too nervous, in order to understand the market, take a look at how people are doing business, Wang Li started to do a market survey, in just half a month time, Wang Li traveled to Guangzhou almost small and large shopping malls, pedestrian street, shopping malls, pedestrian street. But not too big, but hard work pays off, and finally one day she found a shop, first attracted her, let Wang Li think they see hope, that will pay for the action of momentum and lingering in her mind, this shop is Wang Li later joined the national jewelry franchise?? the day fine jade jewelry indistant.