now, a lot of people are tired of working life, want to be their own boss, their own business, want to join a franchise. The whole network Xiaobian remind you want to join in this franchise to find friends, choose the franchise ten million cannot careless, various factors should be thoughtful, avoid to be deceived.

do not get together and join the rush


alert technology is not mature

wary of the new company’s new project is a common beginning is really false to get money, ring to a group of jiamengfei evaporates, and then change the company name to repeat the stock tricks. The usual approach is to spend the price in the city municipal province better lots of projects, rent an office, and then spend money decorated like a look, a part of the area for product display, hang in there for some goods intention to join the "investigation", a part of the area of office area, hire a few there jiliguala call to display business busy. If you call, he will have his own company, how to project future how analyse with you for a long time, Lin hung up the phone to tell you, this year too many swindlers, as a precaution, the best to visit the company. You went to the company, the company called yo, style, good.

offbeat wary of the new company