economic globalization in the growing, in the market economy, the positive combination of their own characteristics, the effective introduction of their products abroad, and increase international cooperation and cooperation is very necessary! Here, together with the small series of understanding, Sichuan tourism marketing promotion activities held in the United states.

7 month 4 days, reporters from the Provincial Tourism Development Committee learned that the U.S. local time on June 24th to 29, Sichuan tourism marketing promotion activities in the United States of Detroit, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Losangeles four City wonderful debut. In addition to the success of this event in each city to promote tourism in Sichuan, the wonderful debut of Sichuan, not only panda – Panda flash public promotion activities to the American people impressed.

6 24, the "cultural China Fairview Sichuan" promotion and theatrical performances in Detroit wonderful show, kicked off the Sichuan tourism marketing in the United states. This promotion activities both at every meeting, Sichuan opera face, art performances, folk songs and other characteristics of rich elements of Sichuan debut, all-round display of Sichuan tourism from different angles.

Sichuan as a province with strong characteristics, in the process of economic development, has its own characteristics of many advantages. This time, whether it is a series of tourism marketing promotion activities held in the United States, or cultural China splendid Sichuan held for the economic development of Sichuan, have a great role in promoting.

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