women have advantages and disadvantages, so according to their own characteristics, in the selection of the project must be careful, otherwise the success rate is not high. There are 5 categories of projects, especially for women entrepreneurs, the following will be the advantages and disadvantages of various projects to be analyzed.

first category: clothing items, clothing wholesale, clothing stores, brand clothing to join

this kind of project is a female entrepreneurship, shop traditional projects, many women want to start a business, the first thought is to open a clothing store. Do this kind of project, the advantage is to get started fast, do not need special expertise, less start-up capital.

but with the garment industry in China is becoming increasingly saturated, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, do clothing, as soon as possible, as easy to make money, it is impossible. A variety of brands of clothing stores greatly retained the traditional clothing store living space. On the other hand, joined the brand stores, the door is too high, so many women flinch.

second categories: boutique jewelry items, boutiques, jewelry stores, girls jewelry Monopoly

this project is the last 5 years, a popular female entrepreneurship, open a number of Entrepreneurial Networks, the discussion on such projects is very warm. Indeed, especially in recent years, doing well the "ah" girl supplies monopoly, it is driven by a large number of women engaged in such projects, or to join, or their own shop. By comparison, boutiques began to be forgotten.

The advantages of

fine jewelry items, the market capacity, the project threshold is low, natural love for the girl with the jewelry, so women naturally to these projects have a sense of affinity, another advantage is it love.

disadvantage also has a low threshold of fierce competition, the author of the short 500 meters on the street, even with the opening of the 3, you said the business can do it? In addition, such small things too much, the purchase, daily goods are very cumbersome, impatient women should be careful to choose this kind of project.

third categories: cosmetic items, cosmetics agents, cosmetics shops, counters, daily store

woman beauty, Aiwujiwu, joint of cosmetics are also of particular interest. Advantage is not much to say, profit space, easy to use, etc.. The disadvantage is that with the rise of supermarkets, specialty stores, consumers are more willing to trust these places of consumption. Moreover, the professional cosmetics chain has emerged, business is particularly good, personal business choice cosmetics, more and more difficult.

fourth categories: beauty salons, beauty salons, hair salon

compared to the above items, beauty salons and hair salons, profits are relatively high, >