in the current real estate market, the house is not only attracted the attention of consumers, second-hand housing also appeared looting phenomenon in the market. Who sold second-hand housing people all know, as long as their listings posted online, and soon a number of intermediary listings "own" released. Recently, however, the agency in Nanjing to see individual housing information, have signed the initiative to contact the owner of the agreement, and then released, how is this going on?

more than a month ago, the public Miss Huang to the south of a house listed on the Internet to sell, after a lot of intermediary do not play Hello, directly on the listing of her personal listings as an intermediary listings on the internet. But last week, several intermediary to call her, said she wanted to sign, signed a commission agreement to help her sell, she felt very strange.

Miss Huang is not a case of

. Modern Express reporter learned that last week, Nanjing, a large number of second-hand housing intermediary emergency listing listings, some large intermediary stores and even a blank window phenomenon. This is the industry and commerce departments began to investigate the agency false listings caused. I love my home store to produce a note wrote: all the store window display and network promotion listings must be signed by the owners of the "housing sale / lease authorization" after the operation.

Nanjing for the sale of second-hand housing intermediary new regulations, to further rectify the sale of second-hand housing market, which for the entire real estate market environment is also a certain role. At the same time, informed sources, in the past many intermediaries have not verified with the owner of the house, or did not sign a contract with the owners of the Commission, the recent Nanjing business sector began to check this non-standard behavior. Because the agency has not been standardized in the past, resulting in a large number of intermediaries have to withdraw from the housing. However, after signing an agreement with the owner of the emergency, the current large number of second-hand housing and rental housing has been re listed.

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