is a delicacy mainly pays attention to a taste of delicacy, so natural and ultimately consumers. In 60s and 70s, Hand-Pulled Noodle has become a unique culture throughout japan. By late 80s, the area of Japan in the development of distinctive flavor Hand-Pulled Noodle, which developed in Japan around the unique Hand-Pulled Noodle culture is gradually forming, and Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle is precisely at this time to develop and form their own characteristics.

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle brand:

Hand-Pulled Noodle is the birthplace of Nagano, Nagano, known as soba in 1972, in Nagano to operate restaurants in more than 30 years of Mr Matsutake Ro, learned the essence formula tonkotsu Hand-Pulled Noodle, believes that "good soup taste good face" concept, and constantly improve and develop, deploy a more healthy, more famous taste level the rich has become a leader in Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle,! Hand-Pulled Noodle Japanese brand, respected and loved by the local resident.

Have a great influence on the color of

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle patrons appetite, a bright color rich food put in front of me, the mood will become better. Nagano cuisine not only enjoy the tongue, is a visual feast, through carefully selected ingredients collocation, plus its freshness, show the cuisine color is more rich, so that diners lost.

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle by traditional palace cooking techniques, pure handmade eight dip for eight. In deep penetration, Liuxiangjiu incense, pickled, Itsumi Jung, incense soaked, keeping the traditional pure taste. Flavor, aftertaste, let consumers praise, eat a hundred tire.

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle and the color of the same, a big advantage of beautiful shape is Nagano cuisine. It is through the exquisite craft chef shows good to hear or see food. Its shape is different, each has its own characteristics, to bring the mood is even more diners.

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle core nutrition ossein soup, unique flavor, is a tooth unforgettable, then the fragment had blurred, but only memories remain the unique taste.

2006 Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle brand technology officially introduced China, 2014 upgrade to Nagano cuisine, into the more East Asian cuisine, there are Bibimbap Korean rice cake, Hot pot, can meet the needs of more consumers and tastes. After Hand-Pulled Noodle Nagano to expand the road improvement and innovation, rich products, strict quality management, reasonable price, excellent service, superb cooking technology, pure delicacy to China, to give people a nutritious and healthy Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle.

of course, if you also want to open his own Hand-Pulled Noodle Nagano can join the museum, way to start their own business projects. Want to join the message.