is now keen to develop new ideas for the number of large number of people, and can not be successful in fact, a cooking bookstore, in the end is a bookstore or restaurant? But from the point of view of the name is enough to attract a lot of consumers into the store to visit.

2006 in January, Pang Hongyan took out 20 thousand yuan savings, the husband opened a small restaurant near the bookstore. Every month can be busy confused and disoriented, profit is only two thousand yuan. Six months later, Pang Hongyan some discouraged, want to transfer the restaurant out. Her husband Li Jun proposed: "we should not change the restaurant into a bookstore, I can manage!" but Pang Hongyan carefully, and found that the renovation is not worthwhile, and the bookstore to make money slower than the restaurant, the risk is greater.

in the customer’s suggestion, the bookstore owner took a lot of cooking books with CD, and sell very fire! Li Jun inspired from, have a bold idea: since the CD cooking is very popular, it can open a selling books, and teach cooking characteristics of store customers if? Good wife every day in the shop on-site demonstration, certainly more popular


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