technology continues to progress, so that our lives have really changed a lot, the arrival of the era of intelligence, smart city to build a comprehensive, so that we see a new urban development prospects. "The wisdom of the city of Shanghai City, the development level of the 2016 assessment report" released yesterday, assess the situation of smart city construction and development of the whole district of the city from the aspects of information infrastructure, smart sensing applications, the field of public administration and service mechanism of wisdom city job security, information security and other related fields of wisdom, city construction achievements of the show introduced.

as the evaluation standard of the wisdom of the city of Shanghai city development level evaluation index system, including the network readiness index, index and environment for the development of intelligence application index of three level indicators, as well as the status of information security coefficient correction coefficient. Among them, the first 3 levels of the following indicators, a total of 10 indicators and 37 indicators of the two grade three. Evaluation of the use of municipal level data collection and unified assessment of the county area of the way.

evaluation results show that 2016 Shanghai smart city development level index of 97.65, after the calculation, an increase of over the previous year, by 10.1%. Among them, the network readiness index was 92.9, the wisdom of the application index of 105.7, the development of the environment index of 88.43.

smart city development index ranked the top three counties are Xuhui District, Changning District, Huangpu District. According to the regional division, the central city of smart city development level index of the top three is Xuhui District, Changning District, Huangpu District, suburban smart city development level index is the top three in Baoshan District, Minhang District, Jiading District. First, the network readiness index is Huangpu District; the wisdom of the application index is the first of Jingan District; the development of the environmental index tied for the first is Xuhui District, Baoshan District.

results from the assessment, the city at this stage to continue to be smart city in the country’s overall leading position. Embodied in: the city in the optical fiber broadband network coverage, home FTTH rate and broadband speed as the representative of the information infrastructure is still obvious advantages. As of the end of 2015, the city’s FTTH coverage subscribers reached 9 million 100 thousand, an increase of 8.2%, the coverage rate is more than 95%; the average family broadband access bandwidth reaches 35.7Mbps, the weighted average download rate reached 11.31Mbps, consecutive years ranked first in the country to continue.

at the same time, in the wisdom of the application, in a new landmark of wisdom wisdom parks and other agencies, the wisdom of the city as the core, the key field of application system and the carrier construction steadily at the same time, there are a large number of intelligence service has gained wide popularity, effectively improve the living quality of the residents at the same time, but also to enhance the residents for the smart city "experience.