different occasions, but also the need for different costumes to match. For sleep, naturally need to have pajamas. In short, want to have a good sleep, good pajamas play a role. So what brand of pajamas brand is better? Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the ten pajamas brand list, I hope to be able to choose what brand of pajamas brand to provide a better reference.

ten NO1- American Standard brand ranking pajamas pajamas

Guangdong famous trademark, the national textile industry standard drafting one of the units, the ten major brand pajamas, industry famous brand, Guangdong American Standard Clothing Industrial Co. ltd..

ten NO2-ETAM

Etam brand ranking pajamas

first opened in Germany in 1916, listed companies, international famous brands, ten big clothing brand, industry famous brand, Shanghai yingmote Clothing Co., ltd..

ten NO3-

maniform pajamas brand rankings

A Well-Known Trademark in China China, famous brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand products, large-scale professional underwear company, Shenzhen maniform knitwear Co. ltd..

ten pajamas brand NO4- Vitoria secret

1963, pajamas ten brands, one of the world’s most famous sexy lingerie brand, is part of the well-known high-end apparel manufacturer Limited Brands group.

ten NO5- Conlia

conlia pajamas brand rankings

China famous brand, China’s top 500 most valuable brands, one of the leading enterprises in the field of home / underwear apparel industry in China, Zhongshan City, the city of Victoria Garments Co., ltd..

ten pajamas brand NO6- love Aimer

China famous brand, Beijing famous brand products, Beijing famous brand, ten pajamas brand, pajamas / underwear professional leader brand, Beijing love Underwear Co., ltd..


Yisifen pajamas brand rankings

1967 was created from the Taiwan brand, one of the largest underwear group across the Taiwan Strait, industry famous brand, deer garment industry Limited by Share Ltd.


pajamas brand ranking NO8- underwear nightwear