a store as long as there is a physical display, naturally need shelves. However, the shelves of many shops simply do not clean up, this is a long time in fact, a loss, but also an increase in the cost of natural. As we all know, reduce operating costs equal to improve operating profit. What is the operating cost? For example, we do not move the cost of goods shelves, followed by moving goods.

sell a piece of leather, this is not true, but as a display of goods shelves, we have a little bit of it? New shelves and neat goods like the human face, clean neat, tidy, lead sales will be greatly different. How can a messy shop, some customers are willing to patronize? And look at how the maintenance of the shelf.

1. regular cleaning, once a week, a comprehensive clean-up.

on the shelves of the dead corner of a comprehensive clean-up, wipe clean. And then set up the goods, such goods is also beneficial to the replacement of old and new transposition placement, the advent of goods as soon as possible.

2. time and changing the price tag, always remain fresh.

We all love

general shelf merchandise affixed to the price tag, at least a month to tear up the price tag, wipe clean after re paste the new price tag, so we can make the image of the store to keep clean and beautiful.

3. to display fixed light back door proficient.

general merchandise after getting goods back, we have to give it a good reasonable position, this position will not change easily, otherwise it will lose a lot of customers, because we have to face the customer is not a two, more customers, will inevitably neglect, resulting in some of the old customers could not find their own supply and don’t go to shop.

if the long-term shelf is not clear, not only will be very dirty, and what goods in a fast expired edge is not clear, not only can let customers buy the wrong, may also bring economic losses. So, if you want to open a thriving retail stores, shopkeepers but need to pay attention on the shelves of the cleanup work oh.