facade rental costs are getting higher and higher, is the biggest threshold for business people. Recently, Guangxi Xining has the commissary took 1 million 730 thousand hot events. Small business really can withstand such a high rent it? Is the student’s spending power so high?

[1 million 730 thousand] school canteen sold according to the "South China Morning Post" reported   11, a department store in Guangxi Nanning third franchise auction site map in the online crazy pass, notably the closing price of 1 million 730 thousand yuan / year. Have friends afterwards, "excluding holidays and weekends, to nearly 40 thousand yuan turnover to the capital every day." It is reported that the school is commissioned by the Nanning Weining asset management limited liability company, community oriented public bidding for the canteen, but has not yet signed.

[1 million 730 thousand] school canteen sold on the morning of 11, Nanning people’s circle of friends was almost a picture "maxed out". This is an allegedly Nanning third canteen auction map, a large screen picture on a number of assets, asset leasing, address area, the starting price, the vendee, price and other information. Among them, the large red font marked rent is 1 million 730 thousand yuan / year.

a area of 172 square meters in the school canteen, the annual rent of up to 1 million 730 thousand yuan, can run down? Onlookers, users began to account.

"excluding weekends and vacations, the average daily turnover of nearly 40 thousand guaranteed." Netizen "fast ring a small people" analysis said, daily supplies 20% of the profit calculation, canteen annual turnover to about 7000000 yuan to the flat, coupled with artificial utilities and other expenses, the turnover reached seven million yuan. There are more than 3000 students in the school, which means that the average daily consumption of at least 10 yuan per person.



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