bed can be said that the Chinese family can not be a lack of furniture, perhaps because of the vast market, the number of brands will be on the market is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, despite the huge number of brands, but naturally in the market also has a higher degree of popularity of big brands, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten brands of bed!

bed ten brand list quanu

quanu furniture is Chengdu quanu Furniture Co. Ltd. under the brand name brand, founded in 1986, in China furniture industry, quanu furniture has a very high reputation, the products through Chinese environmental product certification mark, is now in the long China Chi China trademark, famous brands, ten brands in 2012 China furniture ranked third.

bed ten brand list Dynasty furniture

Hongkong Dynasty furniture believe that many people have a better understanding, very famous. The company is one of the largest domestic production and sales of furniture manufacturers, as Hong Kong listed companies, the products are exported to more than and 20 countries and regions, in fact, very strong.

bed ten brand list Kaiser villa


is one of the main villa as the flagship brand, is a European style furniture, the brand inherited the essence of European style furniture, exquisite and delicate, and Kaiser villa prices of commodities on the market than many of the same quality of cheap goods, because it is a direct selling brand production.

bed brand top ten wood original

wood furniture, is a professional R & D, design, production, marketing and service in one of the Chinese style furniture brand. Provide online bed, wood furniture original official website for your wardrobe, sofa, chair, TV cabinet, bedside cabinet furniture, every kind of style as you choose.

bed ten brand list Sibutramine furniture

QuMei furniture brand was founded in 1987, after 25 years of development, has now become a set design, production and sales of large-scale and standardized furniture group, brand products were rated as green and healthy furniture products, favored by the vast number of consumers. In 2012, China’s ten largest furniture brands ranked in the top five.

bed brand top ten ranking Han Phil

Han Phil is a typical Korean furniture, relaxed, comfortable and refreshing, Han Phil products are produced in advocating natural concept, should be one of the most famous Korean furniture, the credibility of the quality of products is also very good, love.