everyone has a dream to be rich, but what do we do? To make money quickly, make big money that only their own business, business. However, the entrepreneurial business is a very deep knowledge, which is the fundamental reason for a lot of people want to start, but lost the business. It involves a person’s learning ability, cognitive ability, judgment ability, social ability, management ability, strain capacity, mental capacity, in fact, these kinds of ability is a kind of hierarchical relationship, you have to put in front of the ability to practice at home, behind the ability to rapidly improve. The following specific talk about entrepreneurship, business, fast money, make money should pay attention to several points:

Strengthen learning

should strive to improve their own eloquence. There is a saying that good, the pot boiled dumplings, his goods poured out. Entrepreneurship, business is selling products or services, if the eloquence is not good, the product is good, it is difficult for others to understand and accept, so we must strive to improve their eloquence and language skills. In addition, we should practice fluent mandarin.

also point is to learn to choose. As the saying goes: women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. In fact, regardless of men and women, as long as their own business, business, are afraid of the wrong line. You look at the street often have opened the store, people often shut down, in fact, because of the transfer of 95% factory stores in the wrong line, the decision because the analysis is not thorough, but not highly cognitive mistake.