Since the reform and opening up, the vast majority of

cities have been in constant construction and development! So, how to solve the Chongqing migrant workers return home entrepreneurship? Chongqing human resources and Social Security Bureau, the bureau to migrant workers returning home node, do a solid job of returning migrant workers employment. "Issued after the Spring Festival in 2017 to promote the migrant workers employment venture activity plan", through the development of policy advocacy, information collection, skills training, recruitment and entrepreneurship project promotion employment focused service activities, vigorously promote entrepreneurship of migrant workers in the nearest place.

use of overseas 25 migrant workers service station, city of external labor were collected, analyzed and judged, to keep abreast of changes in the local economic situation and employment situation, establish and perfect the early warning mechanism of employment of migrant workers, to achieve early discovery, early intervention, and actively take effective measures to control, timely steady work.

migrant workers want to return to a good career, can not be separated from the government’s strong support, but also inseparable from their own efforts. The Joint Committee Propaganda Department launched the "dream stage" series of employment promotion activities, from late January to mid 2 months in two counties in the main station, bazaar set convenient service platform to carry out policy to send, send jobs to send gifts, training "warm heart action, the return of migrant workers to the site on-site consultation, employment and entrepreneurship and training policy, to know the key enterprise recruitment, training information, and on-site registration.

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