is now the rapid development of society, the economy is good, superb technology, however, a variety of unstable social risk factors still exist, so that the market has ushered in a good opportunity for the development of anti-theft alarm. Anti theft alarm, once the event occurs, you can through the sound and light alarm or electronic map of the location of duty officers on duty, so as to take prompt measures. The anti-theft alarm control system, the host and the import and export of closed-circuit television monitoring system, intercom system and electronic patrol system with a security system.

anti-theft alarm products are the first to enter the Chinese market application of security products, so the anti-theft alarm products become the first Chinese security products manufacturers involved in the field. Xiaobian for you to introduce the ten major brands of anti-theft alarm list.

alarm ten brands list 1 Honeywell security (in 1885, one of the world’s larger and rich experience in electronic security products manufacturers in the world top 500 enterprises, Honeywell security (Chinese) Limited)

alarm ten brand ranking 2.BOSCH BOSCH security (under the German BOSCH group, security / communications industry leader, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the global integrated large multinational group, BOSCH security systems Ltd.)

alarm ten brands list 3 Tyco (began in 1960 in the United States, large electronic security and alarm monitoring service provider, the internationally renowned diversified group of companies, Tyco International Ltd)

alarm ten brands list 4 horn HORN (leading supplier of anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm Chinese well-known security brand, brand influence, listed companies, Shenzhen haoen Safety Technology Co.,


alarm ten brands list 5.FOCUS Fuchs (American Registry of global brands, well-known security companies, smart anti-theft influence brand, high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen mei’an Technology Co., Ltd.)

alarm ten brand ranking 6.Paradox maple (from famous brand of security, Canada high-tech security well-known enterprises, the leading provider of anti-theft alarm, China agent: Shenzhen senboll Industry Development Co., Ltd.)

alarm ten brands list 7 Ericsson KARASSN (professional security equipment suppliers, anti-theft alarm industry well-known brands, industry standard drafting units, high-tech enterprises, Quanzhou Ericsson Security Electronic Co., Ltd.)

anti-theft alarm ten brand list of the essence of the 8 long INNOPRO (high-tech enterprises >