now the fast pace of life, people do what is the rush, which for many shops, a big problem is operating above. In 2003, I opened a grocery store in Huashan on the road. There are several large factories nearby, every day to work, there are a lot of workers from my shop. But they could not stand, always in a hurry, do not pay attention to my store at a glance. Is the customer’s time is precious, or my product is not attractive, or is the customer really don’t need this kind of goods?

how to pull the rush of customers? I think a few ways.

engage in activities

opened a month’s time, I sent a newspaper an advertisement in the local, I tell you the store opened, the gift to send, 25 customers per person to send two carp, offer my shop under the age of 65 Elderly people enjoy shopping twenty percent off on the same day, and each donated 1 pounds of egg. And I’m still in front of the store will pull up banners, the content written in the above, the wide, attracted the attention of passers-by. On that day, I put on music, in front of the door in the morning, in front of customers come in a throng, full of people. "Free to send fish, egg", a time my name is people rush about telling the news around spreading, fame.

this activity has greatly stimulated the interests of customers, aroused the curiosity of passers-by, for them to create a suspense, who is lucky, we wait and see. From outside the shop to the store, a step by step to guide customers to produce the purchase needs.

then, I continue to launch a weekend into the store polite activities, highlighting holiday consumption, so that the office workers have time to shop for my consumption, enjoy the benefits of promotional activities. With the interests of customers, is the most effective way to sell.

all of these activities, in fact, are designed to allow customers to participate more, experience more, and more contact with my shop. Customers too, that he did not have a thorough understanding of my shop, not to mention the discovery of my shop. If we can attract customers by means of participation, to create opportunities for all customers to participate in shopping experience activities, so the customer can easily imagine shopping to bring their own happiness and benefit, so as to establish a close relationship with store. I am in the shop at any time to open a piece of area, engage in cigarette smoking experience activities, as well as free cosmetics trial activities, free of charge, such as free lectures, attracted a lot of customers.

shop installed new

in the shop decoration, I also spent a lot of thought. The first front position to re decoration, a new paint, then the brand is arranged beside two spotlights, surrounded by lights installed at night, open the flash, it is truly beautiful. In the shop, I re planning the shelf display, some large shelves piled at the door, more than one person, "