according to the "Xining city parking lot management measures" functions, combined with the city’s parking lot industry status, yunguanchu carefully formulated "Xining city highway transportation management department to strengthen the management of parking lot work arrangements", strengthen industry management, carry out the management order of parking lot special rectification work, standardize the management order of parking lot.

this work by the area transportation management is responsible for organizing the implementation, is divided into Xuanguan learning, check thoroughly, rectification, standardize management, supervision and inspection of several stages. The learning phase has been completed, publicizing the check thoroughly is the implementation stage.

transportation management organization area parking lot operators meeting, focus on advocacy to study "Xining city parking lot management measures", the organization currently has 4 meeting, to participate in the study of the operators of more than 350 people, about 500 copies of promotional materials. Each visit the area every street, within the jurisdiction of the parking lot to carry out investigations, 265 parking lot at present were investigated, of which 7 parking lot has a business license, but security issued a rectification notice, on the 18 parking lot did not apply for business license issued a "illegal notification" and ordered rectification, retroactive business license or stop the operation, this work is still in progress.

through the inspection, found that the main problems are: parking lot staff cultural level is uneven, safety consciousness, backward management means, management system is not perfect, the current implementation of the system is not in place; a large vehicle parking lot parking chaos and found the general cargo transport vehicles and dangerous goods transport vehicles, repair vehicles parked inside the mixing phenomenon to further strengthen the management.