February 4th, the Municipal Health Bureau informed the city’s recent chopsticks disinfection of special rectification, the rectification of a month, the chopsticks disinfection situation of catering industry in our city has improved significantly, the chopstick disinfection machine can not be the normal operation of the repair or replacement, renovation of the city’s total of 578 households have been ordered to correct all types of food or a warning or fine processing.

reported that the way to cut off the spread of disease through the tableware to protect the health of consumers, strengthen the standardized management of tableware disinfection work, the Municipal Health Bureau from January 5th within the city to carry out a one month special rectification work disinfection chopsticks. In the special rectification, health supervision departments focus on catering units have tableware disinfection facilities, facilities whether the normal operation of practitioners, mastery of knowledge, the operation is standard of tableware disinfection and disinfection effect whether meet the standard of the content of the on-site supervision and inspection, sampling and monitoring the disinfection effect of catering units the chopsticks, the qualified rate is 75%.