Yesterday morning, a deserted winter central plaza became very lively. Sponsored by the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and the relevant departments of the Consumer Association, the new consumer I call the big rights advocacy and advisory services in this event opened the curtain. Unlike in previous years, this year, the provincial association were invited to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the provincial food and Drug Administration and other eight departments jointly constitute a major league, Baotuan help consumers rights, this situation has been the favorite of consumers. Reporters learned from the provincial Consumers Association, a total of nearly twenty thousand people on the day of the square into the complaint consultation. As of 12 o’clock on the same day, the scene by the participation of all departments to set up a complaint desk received a total of consumer complaints from 56.

Major League rights form touted

  3· 15 large square in the past, rights of publicity and consultation activities in Xining city and the County Association will set up the information desk at the scene, but because of all kinds of consumer complaints and to different sectors, therefore does not belong to the business sector to deal with the problem of staff only the first recorded meeting to the relevant departments.

this year, in order to understand the demands of consumers, establish a "human rights" and "consumer first" concept for the whole society, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Communications Bureau and other eight departments and provincial Consumers Association composed of consumer rights alliance, in the event set up advisory complaints taiwan. As a result, not only for consumers to save time, but also increased the intensity of rights.

According to

statistics show that consumer associations, consumer complaints on-site acceptance in Provincial Association site received a total of 27 consumer complaints, provincial industrial and commercial bureau (market supervision) received a total of 17 consumer complaints, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision site received a total of 4 consumer complaints, provincial communications administration site received a total of consumers 4 complaints, the Provincial Public Security Bureau site received a total of 2 consumer complaints, the provincial postal administration site received a total of 1 consumer complaints, the insurance industry site received a total of 1 consumer complaints.

site complaints most popular

, "I know I can complain in the square today." In the Urban District Consumer Association set up the scene of the consultation desk, a consumer Wang is working with the staff members about his encounter". Reporters saw at the event, the most popular place is the complaints set up by the district casetrust. Consumers who are here to reflect the aspirations of the consultation, the association staff are busy, the problem is recorded, but also to be classified, the transfer of the problem will be transferred in a timely manner. Consumers Ms. Lee told reporters, as consumers of her time in life all rights, every year on this day reflect problems, case staff very seriously, she reflects the problem of everything has an echo.