6 month 25 days, reporters from the province’s urban shantytowns work to promote the meeting was informed that, in recent years, our province to speed up the shantytowns, as of now, a total transformation of all types of shantytowns 326 thousand and 600, about one million of the housing difficulties of the masses living conditions improved significantly.

it is understood that, as of the end of 2015, the province completed a total of 246 thousand and 300 shantytowns. Among them: the urban shantytowns 197 thousand, state-owned industrial and mining shantytowns 31 thousand and 700, the transformation of state-owned forest farms renovation of the old, the transformation of the old state-owned reclamation of 12 thousand and 700 households. Around 2013, in 2014 and in 2015 to complete the transformation of all state-owned forest farms, state-owned reclamation areas and the transformation of state-owned mining shanty towns, the main task is the transformation of urban shantytowns.

according to the goals and tasks, this year the province’s urban shantytowns 141, including: new resettlement housing projects 46, 15 thousand and 600 units (households); monetized resettlement projects 46, 16 thousand and 100 units (households); comprehensive renovation project 49, 48 thousand and 600 units (households). Compared with previous years, this year, the province’s old urban residential area comprehensive improvement projects accounted for the increase, shed change to further improve the requirements of monetary resettlement, commercial housing inventory task heavy, shed change lending patterns change.

this year, the transformation of shanty towns in the province to start the task of 80 thousand and 300 sets (households); shantytowns, public rental housing basically completed the task of the 52 thousand and 700 sets (households). At the end of May, the province has started 35 thousand and 200 units (households), basically built 13 thousand and 800 units, in 9 thousand and 900 households, respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 44%, 26% and 19%, completed an investment of 2 billion 100 million yuan.

the next step, the province will further accelerate the progress of the studio to change the work, and strive to be completed as soon as possible. Accelerate the implementation of the shed to change the loan, and the National Development Bank and other financial institutions to strengthen convergence, improve the shantytowns lending mechanism to further implement the new project loans. With the full use of the development of the financial lease to change the loan policy, land and EIA approval procedures. At the same time, will effectively improve the studio to change the monetary settlement ratio of large inventories of commercial housing area to strictly control the construction of resettlement housing shed change project, adjust the shantytowns implementation plan, improve the proportion of monetized resettlement shed. High standards for the implementation of a comprehensive renovation of old residential areas of the project, the housing maintenance and renovation, environmental improvement and improve the comprehensive facilities and other content into the scope of comprehensive remediation.