in recent years, the North District to establish a sound long-term mechanism as an important guarantee for further to excel, in strict accordance with the perfect chuangxianzhengyou activity mechanism of the work requirements, to further consolidate the striving for good practices, good activities in good experience to excel activities stage results into the long-term mechanism to promote the development of the north, to promote chuangxianzhengyou activity normalization, long-term. The long-term mechanism of
to build Party member education incentive. Party organizations at all levels in the region and the majority of Party members in accordance with the principle of "one subject, two combination, three key, four links, five Xiang Cuoshi, six breakthrough", focus on promoting scientific development and social harmony, serving the people, strengthen grassroots organizations’ objectives and requirements, to the commitment Jiannuo as the starting point continue to strengthen education, management, party organization activities, stimulate the increase of selected tree cultivation efforts at all levels of Party building demonstration 15, advanced grassroots party organizations, 38 outstanding party workers and 23 outstanding communist party member 104, enhance the whole region chuangxianzhengyou activity results. The district was drawn up in early September at the excel in recognition of the general assembly, to excel activities to carry out a comprehensive summary of advanced typical and distinctive characteristics of the times, the emergence of a large number of activities in a broad mass base, strong appeal for recognition, so that the grass-roots party organizations and members learn model, do have scale, dry have the direction, vigorously to create a positive, advocating advanced, first-class work atmosphere, the eighteen held a welcome party.