to the great beauty of Qinghai happy Xining "as the theme of the eighth session of the China summer ice art garden will be opened in February 1st.

16 on the same day, the people’s Park has begun to take ice work, one side of the ice was taken from the staff of East Lake lake. According to reports, this year tourism.the ice festival in addition to the dedication of 20 categories of 135 groups of ice boutique to the public, there will be 4 groups of lanterns in Zigong in the people’s Park and public works.

held in Xining City, has seven ice art garden party, formed a unique Western China ice art brand, the ice art garden party to Chinese ancient history and culture for the creative elements of Qinghai show around the famous cultural landscape and local customs and practices, China fusion of traditional architectural art, sculpture art, landscape art.

people’s park staff, the ice art garden will be invited to the Harbin Ice Art Expo Center ice sculpture masters, the people’s Park unique natural environment, have great originality after carving, produced exquisitely carved and shapes of ice lantern art, will showcase the "spirit song big slide" Jabulani "national beauty and heavenly fragrance" happy Xining "and other 20 major categories of 135 groups of fine ice. These shapes, colorful ice lantern art fusion "new, strange, high, big, fine" and other elements in one, a collection of animal figures, and meaning beautiful items, theme across time and space, to the ancient and modern, magnificent scale, of great momentum, true to life. The fete will rely on the people’s Park terrain, sculpture and boutique nearly ten thousand red lanterns, lanterns, silk flowers composed of bright spots, create a festive and peaceful atmosphere to create a garden, ornamental, interactive entertainment, an ice art event. (author: Yang Jian)