9 3 afternoon, Xining city traffic bureau held a traffic system of all cadres and workers, learning advanced deeds of Li Li, Wu Bin, Zhang Gao Tiecheng’s heroic sacrifice. My bureau called on all Party members and cadres to excel activities as an opportunity to become the Xining traffic front masses with good party cadres.

study will first listen to the Central Committee of civilization issued "about to carry out a wide range of Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng learning activities of the notice" spirit, the participants were moved by Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, Gao Tiecheng, the courageous acts of self sacrifice and noble sentiment.

everyone has to humbly sincere attitude control Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, Gao Tiecheng deeds, seriously find their own sense of purpose, public servant consciousness, service consciousness and other aspects of the problem, reflected in work, study and life in the performance of their duties, adhere to the Communist Party’s lofty ideals, adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, and honest, strict with oneself and gave himself for the public and other aspects of the problem. Based on the analysis of the reasons, find the problem, develop corrective measures, we have said that this is a spirit of rich content and profound lectures, in future work, to Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng as an example, consciously practice the Communist Party the value of life and spiritual pursuit, they study hard stand up in front of a life-and-death matter for the preservation of life, the passengers would rather sacrifice their own, danger bravely forward, courageous chivalrous sentiments; to their own posts, do solid work, to become traffic front people with good party cadres.