February 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the cold air with a light snow, the city’s highest temperature fell again this week, the city basically in cloudy or cloudy during the maximum temperature rise a little.

Festival, a significant rainfall weather process makes the highest temperature declining, drought in Xining also ushered in the snow weather, 9, 11 and three in Xining county live the lowest temperature of -11.6, the highest actual temperature of -9.6, the temperature is lower than the previous lot. Reporters saw in the urban area, because the snow to cool down the road, pedestrians wearing masks and gloves, etc., the individual sections of snow. The city traffic police detachment duty brigade deployed police to direct traffic in all major intersections. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, before Thursday, the city’s main weather is cloudy or cloudy, during the highest temperature rise is not large. The highest temperature is 0 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is around -16. In addition, 11 to 13, the city will have a significant precipitation weather process, during the chase, Huangzhong, there are snow in the county, the urban areas and parts of Huangyuan have snow.

city meteorological station warned that the Dow Louis snow ice, please relevant departments to do the work of removing snow or ice, past drivers please pay attention to good antiskid work, to prevent traffic accidents.