June 29th, the province held a "Qinghai Province on the country’s major scientific research infrastructure and the implementation of large scientific instruments open to the community" and the establishment of the Qinghai test service alliance conference. Reporters learned from the meeting, in order to effectively improve the utilization of scientific research facilities and equipment, since this year, our province to speed up the research facilities and instruments to open to the community, the establishment and improvement of large scientific instruments sharing service platform.

strive for three years, I basically solve basic research facilities and instruments scattered, repeated, closed and inefficient. In 2015, the establishment of research facilities and equipment resource database, and gradually achieve full coverage of research facilities and instruments open to the public; in 2016, the establishment of the provincial science and technology department in conjunction with the relevant departments of the new purchase of large scientific instruments check and joint consultative mechanisms, and research facilities and equipment in our province meet the conditions included in the national network management platform; on 2017, scientific research facilities and equipment management unit is open to the public evaluation, and evaluation results released to the society.

in addition, the province relies on the large scientific instruments sharing platform resources, testing alliance testing service platform in Qinghai province to establish a specialized, further optimization and allocation of testing service resources, information sharing and business resources, to promote the sharing of equipment, personnel, detection capability, business industry resources and efficient use.