The north area of Xining city

to look down "three"

The north area of Xining City, with the central

Province on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the relevant regulations, to further strengthen the administrative efficiency construction measures, advocacy and service heart, prevent organ units door hard, ugly face, something difficult phenomenon, play a good turn style of protracted war.

measures: strict whereabouts inform system

combined with the beginning of the development of the "north area to further smooth mass appeal channels" measures "Chengbei district to further standardize the work processes and settles the" trial "Chengbei district public servants administrative fault accountability measures" and "north area to further strengthen supervision and inspection work procedures" four systems and measures, the north area of unified production 15 the whereabouts of the 377 window units to inform the staff to inform the board, strict system, random thorough investigation and combined the relevant departments of the staff status and style, in order to improve staff performance of their duties, to serve the people’s sense of responsibility.

measures two: strictly when the limit

for the public to reflect the more prominent institutions act to run back and forth, Chengbei District publicity of the microfinance loan application process, the insured to pay the medical treatment process, residents of rural residents, health permit approval procedures to process 17 procedures and time limit. Do not meet the conditions for handling, or because of objective reasons can not be timely handled, coordinate actively contact the relevant department, to give a reasonable explanation and a clear answer, and take the initiative time commitment settles; for individual specific items and service groups, the use of the wrong office, booking service, door-to-door service, to provide maximum convenience for the public.

measures three: strict leadership information disclosure system

smooth mass appeal channels, timely investigation and correct personnel work style and discipline problems, Seongbuk again strictly implement Shouwenfuze system, in the public media, business hall, window units announced district Party committee secretary and chief e-mail, and discipline committee, ministers of the organization, discipline inspection departments responsible for Supervision Bureau etc. people call the establishment of public demands work point of contact, to ensure that the public complaints without obstacles, supervision of doorway".

measures four: strict "no five" ""

I don’t work for the strict implementation of

also lead to passive organs Chengbei district staff, not because I have to delay, not because of my mistakes, not because I do not suffer criticism, loss caused by me, immediately do things that can be done, difficult things do things share ideas, advance. What assistance do, particularly sometimes do things to create conditions to do, can not do things resolutely not do "" Five "" six "working system, to create a" zero "act," zero interest "service and" zero error "of the government work environment. (author: Peng Na)

Xining, north of the city in July livelihood facts recorded

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