6 days, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, our province issued "on Further Strengthening the implementation of opinions" the employment work under the new situation, from the implementation of the strategy of employment priority, promote entrepreneurship employment, do focus groups employment, increase the occupation education and training, the implementation of the security 5 measures to put forward 18 policy measures.

– increasing decentralization. Further promote the province’s Government decentralization, in addition to the State Council expressly reserved approval matters, all business registration pre-approval of all entrepreneurs will be changed to post. The establishment of provincial entrepreneurship to promote employment support funds to increase the intensity of entrepreneurship policy subsidies. The scope of tax incentives for enterprises to absorb employment shall be adjusted to more than half a year by those who have been unemployed for more than one year. Comprehensive clean-up of administrative fees, government funds involved in market regulation and access, as well as other mandatory monopoly of business service charges, trade associations chamber of Commerce charges, the implementation of the list of charges management.

– the amount of small loans for 100 thousand yuan. I will drive the social capital and financial capital for innovation and entrepreneurship financing support, explore the establishment of "government bank guaranty" five in one mode of financing, support venture capital, angel investment development, expanding the scope of mortgage loans. Will be adjusted to small loans secured loans to businesses, the amount of a unified adjustment of 100 thousand yuan, the accumulation of entrepreneurial partnership.

– support personnel in youth entrepreneurship. The sound of universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel in entrepreneurship, undergo entrepreneurship policy, encourage foreign talents in youth entrepreneurship. Overall planning of technical personnel, management personnel, vocational and technical personnel policy, the implementation of spouse employment, children enrollment, social security and other preferential measures. Support migrant workers, college students and retired soldiers and other personnel to return home.

– enterprise to attract college graduates have a reward. Enterprises to recruit new jobs to attract college graduates, signed more than 1 years of labor contracts and pay social insurance premiums, giving each person within 4 years of social security subsidies and one-time reward. Technician college senior class, preparation technician class, special education college vocational education graduates, with reference to the employment of college graduates to enjoy the relevant policies.College graduates entrepreneurship Awards – >

– expand the range of employment assistance. The urban zero employment family members, urban and rural low family members, people with disabilities, distance;