in stability and development, innovation in the reform. This is a brand of food and beverage business success, steady development of the trend of reform and innovation continue to follow the trend, only to do the best food and beverage. This restaurant brand is a hundred years road".

from scratch, steady development

At the beginning of

2001, we developed the dream of entering the field of pasta and began to explore and prepare. In 2002, the "hundred years face" opened a pot noodle shop in Zhenjiang professional big road. With "the Zhenjiang noodle culture spread to every corner of the" Chinese faith and mission, began the long journey to create a professional brand of pasta. The opening date, the company has grown from a business area of more than and 50 square, only 6 employees of the restaurant, now the development of professional management team of more than 100 people, has a central kitchen distribution center, operating area of more than 1 thousand square pasta professional catering company; the company has set up direct and nearly 150 stores, to provide catering services for 30000 daily pasta a number of customers.

start shop, dream of sailing


2005, we officially launched open stores, financing more than 200 yuan, the recruitment and set up a professional team, the construction of brand and brand culture, design and application of operation process, the rapid accumulation of a shop and shop management.

start, expand the national

through years of exploration and development, the company has been successful with perfect operation management system and wheaten food research and development ability, formed a noodle shop operation process and the various positions of the standardized procedures, simple operation mode and to supervise the operation process. "Ten years grinding sword, revealing the edge", 2008, the company officially started on the way in the national development, the establishment of the planning department, the construction department, operation Department, development department, human resources department, training department, logistics distribution center and other departments, as "100 years" shop to provide scientific guidance and improving construction the shop support, standard follow-up service.

[enterprise vision] rooted in Zhenjiang, expand the country, cross the door!

[mission] to promote a healthy new life for the Chinese people face the rise of the road!


] business philosophy intentions of making every point, carefully treat every customer; treat each employee with the achievements of each customer



] the concept of product quality, the founding of the country; service, industrial standard, stone; strong industry road



] team quality Xinshouxianglian gather together, stand together through storm and stress.