to carry out the "diligence duty let the people live a happier life" theme of education publicity activities, July 13th, Datong County in the Chengguan town held the Chengguan area clean culture exhibition period, exhibited a total of 232 works of honest culture. County propaganda department minister Sun Guiping, deputy secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau Secretary Tong Ziwen, deputy secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy director of the Organization Department of the county Party committee, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce to participate in the work of the exhibition to guide the work of the independent director of the Ministry of public security, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee for Discipline Inspection and supervision, deputy secretary of the cpc.


culture exhibition was a independent cultural activities held in Datong County propaganda theme during the month, the participating units have Qing Lin Xiang, Chengguan Town, Castle Township, township, township of the treasure house of roots are the main works, calligraphy, painting, embroidery, Handmade, works with anti-corruption as the theme, to better reflect the unity of ideological content and artistic form.

During the period of

, to strengthen the clean government culture propaganda, enhance the effect of publicity and education, while supporting the production of "ancient rhyme" brochure, extensive publicity, and comprehensively promote clean culture into the organs, families, schools and rural activities, enhance the independent cultural influence, attraction and appeal, to create a good society the atmosphere for further strengthening the work of rural clean government.