sponsored by the Datong County Museum and Calligraphy Artists Association of the "Lanting Pavilion" calligraphy workshops on September 9th in the museum officially opened. Nearly 40 calligraphy enthusiasts from the county with their own works of satisfaction, please expert guidance.

In recent years

Datong County calligraphy has made considerable progress, the emergence of a number of young in the province and outside influential calligrapher in various national calligraphy competition, Datong calligrapher also achieved excellent results. The assembly is to show a level of calligraphy Datong, Datong Book Tongren is a general division, is the Datong Book Tongren to improve the exchange platform. County Calligraphy Artists Association vice chairman and Secretary General Liu Jishun according to his many years of research results, combined with the creation of calligraphy practice, starting from the most basic knowledge of calligraphy, calligraphy font formation, shape, gas, God calligraphy, calligraphy structure, layout and composition in a simple and vivid story, demo insightful and inspiring. "A teacher who studied calligraphy for many years said happily," Liu opened a window for us, so that we can feel the profound and natural beauty of Chinese calligraphy. Thank you for providing us with a good opportunity to organize such a workshop in the future." Liu Zenglin, chairman of the county Calligraphy Artists Association, Liu Jishun, etc. in the field to observe and comment on the work of the students, and for their future creative guidance.