June 22nd, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the Provincial Justice Department in Xining jointly held a press conference to announce: the court shall not by court, the people’s court may have a part of civil disputes, the entrusted people’s mediation mediation.

the following civil disputes, the people’s court may entrust the dispute to the people’s mediation organizations for mediation: divorce disputes; recourse alimony, alimony, alimony disputes, inheritance disputes; adoption; division of property disputes; general personal and property damage compensation dispute; adjacent relations disputes; property management disputes; trading, private lending borrow, general contract disputes; labor dispute; the other for the entrusted people’s mediation mediation dispute.

The implementation of

authorized by the people’s Court of people’s mediation is mainly through Conciliation Commission, to promptly resolve the dispute, the parties to the mutual consultation, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, decide on their choice of benefits, so as to reach a consensus, resolve the confrontation and conflict between the parties, bury the hatchet, reconstruction of the harmonious relationship. Is conducive to the formation of the overall force of the judiciary, prevention and reduction of civil litigation, reduce and save the cost of justice. In particular, is conducive to the settlement of various contradictions and disputes at the grassroots level, to eliminate in the bud.

according to reports, the Commission should be entrusted to mediate the dispute occurred in the township (street) people’s mediation committee or the professional people’s mediation committee. The professional people’s mediation committees mainly include medical disputes, traffic accidents, labor disputes, property management and other people’s mediation committees. The people’s mediation committee of the town (street) or the professional people’s mediation committee may, in the people’s court, set up a "people’s mediation window" in a timely manner to facilitate the mediation work.

Rinchhen Ange, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress

, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC, Dong Kaijun, President of the Provincial Higher People’s court attended the press conference.