July 23rd, municipal center study group held an enlarged meeting, organization of the Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress, deputy director, deputy mayor of the municipal government, municipal CPPCC Chairman, vice chairman, President of the municipal court, procuratorate and municipal departments, municipal departments and units, and the county district government responsible comrades first watched the metamorphosis special "warning" of public security education. Subsequently, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal procuratorate, Local Taxation Bureau, municipal court, municipal water conservancy bureau, Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Chengdong District Commission for Discipline Inspection and other 61 units arranged in a timely manner, has focused on Party cadres to watch the "Metamorphosis", "the director of the public security duty crime prevention warning education piece" so, combined with the current development of chuangxianzhengyou "theme and adherence to standards, diligence vocational education and publicity activities, organized a symposium.
by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial television film "PSB" Metamorphosis "and the prevention of job-related crimes warning education piece" issued, Xining city attaches great importance to arrange the city’s cadres to watch. Up to now there are more than 3000 party members and cadres to watch the warning feature films. Party members and cadres reacted strongly, generally reflect the use of corruption around the case to carry out anti-corruption warning education, the real image, thought-provoking, profound education. Especially by He Zaigui case analysis and understanding, leading cadres by the profound enlightenment, recognize that every leading cadres should learn a lesson from it, constantly strengthen the party spirit, to party spirit, conduct, for example. To be honest with the right to consciously resist corruption; to be honest friends, correctly handle the social interaction and interpersonal relationship; to be honest politicians, spouses and children, good family care. The Municipal Public Security Bureau to watch the prevention of job-related crimes warning education piece "treasure" in the post from crime organization public security case daimou experiences "in my work today is to use the money for" egg "in a word, by the majority of police officers thought, agreed that the police from the people, serve people, people with" egg money "to support and support of public security work, as is the police earnestly fulfill their duties for the people’s happiness and peace escort. The police do not because of petty profits to harm the interests of the masses, must be more to regulate their own discipline and handling work behavior in the future, and build real anti-corruption thoughts, to ensure the interests of the masses and maintain maximum benefit. The Local Taxation Bureau of all cadres to watch the above feature film warning education, actively communicate feedback, reflect this form of education is very popular, through experience analysis of typical cases of violation of discipline of leading cadres and discipline personnel, so that we understand official malfeasance and other crimes harm to society, has strong warning education. Have to say the films of the true crime case as a warning, a warning, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, ruling by law, honesty in politics, with their own due diligence, selfless work attitude, to promote the city’s clean government and healthy economic and social harmonious development.