recently, the provincial inspection teams have been stationed in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial inspection units were carried out. Round of inspections is the twelve term of the provincial Party committee to achieve inspections full coverage key battle. 5 inspection teams will be on the 9 provincial units, the provincial state-owned enterprises in 3, the provincial industrial park to carry out special inspections of the province to carry out inspections of the 1 units, looking back at the 2".

provincial inspection team leader at the inspection mobilization meeting, said the tour is a political patrol, not a business tour. The inspection group will resolutely implement the political inspection requirements, fully perform their duties in the party constitution, conscientiously implement the inspection work regulations and relevant regulations of the party, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a mirror, to the party disciplines as ruler, closely linked to the six discipline, weakening, the leadership of the party on the construction of the party, lack of comprehensive strictly lack of common problems, and pay attention to personality problems, tightly pegged to the leading cadres of the Party of the key key minority, the root of the problem, identify key issues for the supervision of mining, often in, often in shock and awe.

kill backstroke, is another feature of the current round of inspection. The relevant inspection leader said, "look back", is since eighteen Party’s organization system and the inspection method is an important innovation, re inspection on politics, reflects the tenacity and seriousness of inner-party supervision. Provincial inspection teams in accordance with the requirements of political inspections, no bottom of the problem, re understanding of the problem has not been found, found a strong deterrent again".

each patrol unit (area) party organization is mainly responsible person said, resolutely thinking and action with the central and provincial deployment requirements, smooth channels of information, and consciously accept supervision, with the full support of inspection work. On the existing problems, do not evade, do not hide, do not shield their mistakes, to ensure the effectiveness of inspection work.